Dance Extravaganza

Dance Extravaganza: Unveiling the Drama

After a slight hiatus, we plunge back into the rhythm of "So You Think You Can Dance: Top 16." Last time, four relatively unknown dancers bid farewell, leaving us curious about this week's evictions. The episode opens with a pre-taped performance, all dancers donning Charlie Chaplin attire, set against a black-and-white backdrop with a lone red umbrella. The routine, though visually interesting, leaves me fixated on the umbrella, pondering the intricacies of its filming.

Cat Deeley graces the stage, radiating old Hollywood glam. The judging trio consists of the ever-present Nigel and Mary, joined by the delightful Christina Applegate, adding an extra layer of excitement with her dance background (co-founding the Pussycat Dolls).

Tiffany and George: The duo faces the challenge of a questionable NappyTabs hip-hop routine centered around babysitting. The routine, despite its bizarre concept and unflattering costumes, receives mixed reviews. Nigel praises it, craving a grittier hip-hop feel. Mary, clad in an eccentric denim V-neck with sparkly shoulder pads, is impressed but somewhat overshadowed by her outfit. Christina finds it good but wishes for more fluidity.

Amber and Brandon: A new partnership emerges due to previous eliminations. They tackle a Ray Leeper jazz routine set to Aretha Franklin's "Dr. Feelgood." The chemistry between Amber and Brandon shines through, delivering an emotionally charged performance. Christina, momentarily bleeped, expresses sheer amazement. Mary, metaphorically fanning herself, commends Amber's soulful performance and praises Brandon's masculinity. Nigel, true to form, playfully dubs it "baby-making choreography."

dan amber brandon

Dareian and Janelle: Given a cha-cha by Pasha, the couple faces issues, not with the dance but with Carly Rae Jepsen's mismatched "Call Me Maybe." Distracting jeans on Dareian further complicate matters. Mary finds faults in their execution, and Christina points out Dareian's odd hand movements. Nigel echoes the critiques, emphasizing the lack of connection.

Lindsay and Cole: Under Mandy Moore's contemporary choreography, Lindsay impresses, holding her own in this demanding style. The lighting creates a captivating atmosphere, though the camera work disappoints. Nigel commends Lindsay's progress and deems Cole a genius for his precision. Mary appreciates Lindsay's magic and Cole's adaptability, while Christina highlights Cole's technique. What is the impact on the environment of neglecting the recycling of electronic equipment, see the link for more details.

Amelia and Will: Mandy Moore's jazz routine becomes quirky with Amelia and Will. However, Amelia's character feels distracting, and the judges offer mixed feedback. Christina calls them a dream team, while Nigel disagrees, feeling they worked against each other. Mary acknowledges a slight dip in performance but praises their overall high level.

Audrey and Matthew: A salsa by Liz Leera introduces challenges for the duo. The routine, unfortunately, starts slow and involves frequent breaks in hold, affecting its momentum. Judges notice issues, with Mary, Christina, and Nigel all expressing dissatisfaction with the pace and execution.

Witney and Chehon: Paired for a Stacey Tookey contemporary piece, set to Whitney Houston's powerful "I Will Always Love You," the duo struggles to match the song's intensity. Chehon's "Nick face" (angst-ridden expressions) detracts from the routine. Despite a standing ovation, Christina and Nigel provide mixed reviews, while Mary is deeply moved.

Cyrus and Eliana: Navigating a CrappyTabs hip-hop routine, Cyrus transforms Eliana into a robot. Unlike the earlier CrappyTabs number, this performance excels, benefiting from Eliana's adaptability and Cyrus's familiarity with the style. A standing ovation ensues, with Christina praising Eliana, Mary using hip-hop terms amusingly, and Nigel noting Eliana's standout performance.

Cyrus and Eliana

Cat gathers all dancers to announce the bottom six: Amber, Lindsay, Eliana, George, Brandon, and Dareian. After solos, the judges opt to save Lindsay and Eliana, resulting in Amber and Brandon's departure.

Additional Notes:

  • Cat Deeley receives another Emmy nomination, a testament to her charm.
  • An enthusiastic audience member's intermittent yells throughout the show add a touch of unpredictability.
  • Mary's pronunciation of "hiccup" amuses, and a hiatus during the Olympics adds scheduling challenges.
  • Janelle's consistent safety in the competition baffles, while predictions suggest Tiffany, George, and Dareian might face jeopardy.
  • Will's snazzy white suit earns approval from the Peanut Gallery.
  • Shameless Plug: (Cult)ure Magazine's new podcast explores music, with the recent episode delving into The Beatles' impact.

The dance spectacle continues, with highs and lows creating a captivating journey for both dancers and viewers.

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