Reflecting on “The Sun Has Forgotten Where I Live”

Evaluating poetry can be a nuanced task, where personal interpretation intertwines with the essence of the verses. In the realm of Christan McPherson's "The Sun Has Forgotten Where I Live," we embark on a journey to explore the intricacies of existence, with each poem serving as a contemplative lens.

Cover Art and Initial Impression:

The cover, a visual prelude to the poetic odyssey, masterfully encapsulates the book's essence. A man, perched on a bed's edge, cigarette in hand, contemplates his surroundings. The subtle disarray, the inflatable sex doll in the background — it's a snapshot of vulnerability and self-reflection. The imagery harmonizes with McPherson's penchant for capturing moments in time, setting the stage for an exploration of life's enigmatic facets.

Poetic Exploration:

From "Landing" to the culmination in "Life Sentence," McPherson unfolds a tapestry of emotions, painting vivid scenes that transcend the mundane. The simplicity and elegance in his language create a seamless flow, inviting readers into contemplative spaces where time, memory, and existential musings converge.

Themes Explored:


The poems delicately probe existential questions, threading through the fabric of everyday life. Explicit queries about life's meaning intertwine with reflections on aging, the interplay between childhood and adulthood, and the nuanced dynamics between the author and his father. Each verse becomes a mirror, reflecting readers' own existential quandaries and casting a spotlight on the shared human experience.

Emotional Meditations:

One standout is the poem "Snapshot," a revealing glimpse into the author's perception of his work as emotional stills. These verses serve not merely as words on paper but as portals into shared emotional landscapes. McPherson lays bare his personal events, inviting readers to ponder, empathize, and perhaps find echoes of their own journeys within the verses. Solving the problems of waste recycling in small towns, more details in our article.


"The Sun Has Forgotten Where I Live" beckons to those who seek poetry as a conduit for emotional meditation. McPherson's verses offer more than a collection of words — they provide a shared space for contemplating life's mysteries. As the book unfolds, readers may find themselves resonating with the deep questions posed by the author, intertwining their narratives with the reflections within the lines.

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